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Tannery Place, Carisbrooke (aka Lukely Place/ Lukely Terrace)

Tannery place, Carisbrooke was the original name for the terrace of small cottages on the north side of Carisbrooke Road, to the west of the Wellington Road junction. Built in the 1870's and originally numbered 1 to 18 within the terrace, they are now (2018) numbered 144 to 178 Carisbrooke Road.

At a later date, the terrace was known as Lukely Place (or Lukely Terrace).
Originally a tannery stood in, more or less, in the middle of the site, which explains the original name for the terrace.

The 'terrace' can be seen, by the difference brickwork styles, to comprise two parts.

A passageway between numbers 5 and 6 (from the east), gave access to 6 properties behind, known as Lower Tannery/Lukely Place. These appear to have been built about the same time as the terrace, and demolished around WW2.

The engineering works to the west of the terrace was built at the same time as the terrace possibly for Thomas Watts & Sons (1881 census).

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