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Almshouses(0 C, 12 P)
Alum Bay(0 C, 5 P)
Aviation(4 C, 0 P)
Bus Companies(0 C, 10 P)
Car Ferries(0 C, 10 P)
Cemeteries(0 C, 23 P)
Charities(0 C, 2 P)
Churches and Chapels(6 C, 0 P)
Cinemas(0 C, 20 P)
Clock Towers(0 C, 1 P)
Coach Companies(0 C, 14 P)
Coastguard Cottages(0 C, 23 P)
Councils(0 C, 3 P)
Defunct Hotels(0 C, 5 P)
Drinking Fountains(0 C, 10 P)
Education(0 C, 25 P)
Follys(0 C, 4 P)
Forts(0 C, 6 P)
Highways(1 C, 5 P)
Historic Buildings(0 C, 11 P)
Horse Troughs(0 C, 4 P)
Hospitals(0 C, 7 P)
Ice Houses(0 C, 4 P)
Industries(14 C, 0 P)
Island Street Names(0 C, 12 P)
Lifeboats(0 C, 10 P)
Lighthouses(0 C, 6 P)
Lost Houses(0 C, 10 P)
Masonic Halls(0 C, 2 P)
Monuments(1 C, 27 P)
Nature Reserves(0 C, 5 P)
Needles(0 C, 4 P)
Odd Fellows(0 C, 1 P)
Parks(0 C, 8 P)
Passenger Ferries(0 C, 13 P)
Piers(0 C, 13 P)
Pottery(0 C, 1 P)
Railways(0 C, 5 P)
Recreation Ground(0 C, 2 P)
Roman Villas(0 C, 3 P)
Seamarks(0 C, 4 P)
Shipwrecks(0 C, 17 P)
Simeon Family(0 C, 3 P)
Telephone Systems(0 C, 11 P)
Theatres(0 C, 12 P)
Towns and Villages(58 C, 0 P)
Village Pounds(0 C, 3 P)
Water Supplies(1 C, 12 P)
Wightlink(0 C, 0 P)
Zoos(0 C, 3 P)