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Village Pounds were used from medieval times to hold stray animals until they were retrieved by their owners after having paid a fine.

The Pounds would have been the responsibility of an official of the Manor who would have reported to the Lord of the Manor or some other landowner.

With the introduction of the Enclosure Acts in the 19th century, the amount of common grazing land became less and farm land was enclosed by fences, walls or hedges so the problem of stray animals became less and so Pounds fell into disuse.

On the Island a number of Pounds are known to have existed, and some still do today (2016):

  • Brading - in Quay Lane, behind the church - square in shape, exists.
  • Calbourne - in Pound Lane - shown on 19th century maps but no evidence remains.
  • Carisbrooke - the 1865 OS map shows a Pound located at the corner of modern day Farm Lane and Priory Road.
  • Freshwater - at Pound Green - circular in shape, exists having been restored in late 20th century.
  • Newport - believe to have been located at the west of the town, in the areas of West Street/ Carisbrooke Road junction - nothing found on old maps and no physical evidence remains.
  • Ryde, Swanmore - on Upton Road by Pound Mead - shown on 19th century maps but no evidence remains.
  • Shorwell 1 - one is suggested near Wolverton Manor by the name 'Pound Lane' - but no physical remains can be seen and nothing has been found on old maps.
  • Shorwell 2 - West Court Manor - square, shown on some old maps and still exists.
  • Ventnor - Pound Lane - thought to be used to hold animals before market rather than hold strays - no physical evidence remains.

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