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River Medina - Oyster Fishery

In 1866, the Isle of Wight Oyster Fisheries Company took a 25 year lease on the river Medina from Newport to Cowes from the Corporation of Newport.
The fisheries were initially prosperous but in 1870 disease spread through the oysters and the fisheries failed.
The company alleged that the failure was due to the increased quantity of sewage discharged into the river from the town of Newport and brought a case against the Borough of Newport before Vice-Chancellor St James Bacon in November 1873.
(Hampshire Advertiser, Wed 12 November 1873)
The Corporation won the above.
(Isle of Wight Observer, Sat 29 November 1873)

A lease to the Medina River oyster fishery was surrendered January 1888 and a new lease granted to the Medina River Oyster Fishery Company Ltd
(Hampshire Advertiser 7 January 1888)

The death of Captain E. Johnson, the manager and secretary of the Medina River Oyster Fishery Company was reported in the Hampshire Advertiser 4 January 1893.

Medina River Oyster Fishery Company surrendered the lease to the Mayor, etc. of Newport September 1893. (IW County Record Office NBC/1/1046)

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