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Landslip, Bonchurch

Bonchurch Landslip is the result of two major earth movements in 1810 and 1818 when about 30 and 50 acres respectively 'slipped'. The land had previously been part of Bonchurch Farm offering rough grazing land.

During the years following the land movements, the land wasn't farmed but became a picturesque tourist attraction. Being inaccessible for vehicles the landscape has returned to nature with just a network of footpaths throughout the area.

The land is still moving, although more gently than nearly 200 years ago. but still occasion pieces of land disappear into the English Channel and footpaths have to be re-routed.

There are several unusual natural features in the Landslip, such as a stone which appears to be a seat, so it has become known as the 'Wishing Seat', and a formation which almost surrounds a near vertical footpath, that's known as the 'Devil's Chimney'.

The Landslip was purchased by local councils during WWI and has been managed as a public amenity since that date.

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