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Ashey Cemetery

Ashey Cemetery

The Ashey Cemetery, on Gatehouse Road, was established in 1910 on land purchased by the Isle of Wight Rural District Council from the Ashey Manor Estate.

Ashey Parish, including responsibility for the cemetery, was absorbed by Ryde Borough Council in 1933 under the Isle of Wight Union Act. With the local government changes in 1974, the cemetery, like the others under Ryde Borough Council, came under Medina Borough Council; in 1995, it was taken over by the Isle of Wight Council following the creation of the IW Unitary Authority.

The cemetery includes the War Memorial for the Ashey parish.

The Ryde Social Heritage Group (RSHG), based in Ryde Cemetery have been involved recorded the burials. Their website includes much useful information including details of burial, often with pictures graves and details of memorial inscriptions.

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Other resources:
    Ryde Social Heritage Group (including Ashey Cemetery)

    Isle of Wight Council - Bereavement Services

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