Westminster Mill, Newport

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Westminster mill, Newport before extension & conversion
Westminster mill, before extension & conversion

Westminster Mill was a watermill at Newport, Isle of Wight on the Lukely Brook between West Mill and Home Mill.

The Westminster brick watermill originally had five bays and three storeys and dated from about 1773. The mill stands on Old Westminster Lane (originally just Westminster Lane), it was a water, and later steam, corn mill. In 1972 it was grade 2 listed with the description of the original building.

In 1839 the mill went to auction 'by order of the Mortgagee'[1]:

All that WATER CORN MILL, called Westminster Mill, situated on the confines of the town of Newport, driving three pair of four feet stones, with bolting machine, drying kiln, good stabling, cart house, piggeries, and all other necessary outbuildings, now in the occupation of Mr. James Paul, also a Tenement and Garden adjoining the Mill, and about two acres of rich Meadow Land. This Lot is Copyhold, held under Winchester College, subject to a quit-ent of £1.8s.4d. and land-tax £4. 8s per annum.

In 1849 the mill was again on the market when it was occupied by Henry Blake, esq., at a yearly rental of £100. The area of the mill pond was given as 1a. 2r. 9p.[2]

At a further sale in 1875, Westminster Mill and premises were purchased by Mr. F. Blake, for Mr. Scovell, of Yafford Mill, for £1810[3].

Advertisement, IWCP, 15 February 1908, Westminster Mill
Advertisement, IWCP, 15 February 1908

Occupants included:

  • 1839 - James Paul,[1]
  • 1849 - Henry Blake,[2]
  • 1859 - Blake Henry, Westminster Mill - Corn miller,[4]
  • 1898 & 1911 - Scovell Walter Frank, miller (water & steam), Westminster flour mill,[5]
  • 1927 & 1935 - Thomas, Gater, Bradfield & Co. Ltd., millers (Westminster mills),[6]
  • 1951 - Westminster Mill & Bakery Ltd., millers (Westminster mills),[7]
  • 1979 - Guy Brothers, Lawn Mowers, all types overhauled and reground.[8]

The mill-pond was to the west of the mill and has now been filled in and the area developed with housing.

The mill building itself has been extended and converted into apartments, it still shows the external hoist to the second floor. Across Old Westminster Lane stands Westminster House, which the Grade 2 listing describes as a 'C18 Mill House'.

Westminster Mill 2020
Westminster Mill 2020
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