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An iron building, surplus after St Michael's Church, Swanmore was built, was moved and re-erected at Wroxall in 1864 to serve as a school during the week and on Sundays, a church. The building was erected on a piece of ground at the corner of Cleveland-wood, generously given by George Young, Esq., of Apley Towers.[1]

A School Board was formed in 1871 to cover both Newchurch and Wroxall.[2] New ‘Board Schools’ were built in both Newchurch and Wroxall and were opened on the same day in 1873. The Wroxall school, on Appuldurcombe Street (now Road), was for 250 children and cost £1400.

Wroxall Board School - 1896 map
Wroxall Board School - 1896 map
  • In the 1898 Kelly's Directory John James Francis is listed as master of the Board School, Miss Fanny E. Morris, the infants' mistress; the school described as, mixed and infants, under Newchurch School Board, built with residence for master in 1873 at a cost of 1400GBP, for 250 children; average attendance 132 mixed, 70 infants.
  • The 1911 Kelly's Directory lists William C Wearn, master of Elementary School (mixed & infants), for 250 children; average attendance 135 mixed, 50 infants.
  • The 1927 Kelly's Directory lists James Barton, master of Elementary School.
  • The 1935 Kelly's Directory lists John H. Desmond, master of the Wroxall County Council School.
  • The 1951 Kelly's Directory lists E. W. L. Parker, head master of the Wroxall County Junior School.

The Board School buildings were demolished when the new school was built on Castle Road in 1987 and the site developed as Old School Close.

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