Town Hall, Newtown

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Old Town Hall, Newtown
Old Town Hall, Newtown (from east)

The historic Town Hall at Newtown was built circa 1700 and was the seat of the ancient Borough of Newtown.

The building is one of the few remaining buildings indicating the former status of the town which used to return two Members of Parliament before the Reform Act of 1832.

In the late 1800's the building was used as a school for local children.

The building was allowed to deteriorate until it was restored with funds from the 'Ferguson Gang'[1] presented to the National Trust in 1933. The work was carried out by Messrs. H. E. Day and Sons of Cowes[2].

Today (2021), it houses a museum and is opened at times by the National Trust.

Newtown Town Hall
Old Town Hall, Newtown (from west)

For further details: National Trust- Newtown

  1. The 'Ferguson Gang', a group of five women formed in 1927. Their aim was to raise awareness of the need to protect rural areas and they supported the National Trust, which they thought to be the most dedicated organisation to preserving England’s heritage. The Gang raised large sums to help preserve and historic buildings and land that could otherwise have been lost.
  2. Isle of Wight County Press 6 October 1934