Thorley Schools

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Thorley School Isle of Wight
Thorley Schools

The Thorley School building is on the corner of Thorley Street (B3401) and Tattels Lane, Isle of Wight.

A National school (mixed), with residence for mistress, was built in 1866 (thus predating the new St. Swithin's Church at Thorley), and was enlarged in 1894 for 90 children. In 1898 the average attendance was 54[1].

In November 1902 the school was closed after the managers all resigned as the clergyman (the Rev. C. Cole) would not allow two to act as they were non-conformists - the deed for the school required all the managers to be Church of England people. While the school was closed, some children went to Shalfleet (Ningwood) and some to Yarmouth Schools, others did not attend anywhere[2].

The School Attendance Committee, of the Isle of Wight Board of Guardians, placed the matter in the hands of the Education Department and even had the Island Member of Parliament, Major Seely, raised the matter with the government. This led to the withdrawal of the grant for the school from the Education Department[3].

A public meeting in late November, at which the vicar doesn’t seem to have attended, elected new school managers, including two people who were involved with the management of the Yarmouth Schools. One problem with finding Thorley people seems to have been the number of people who regularly attended Sunday services at St. Swithin's Church[4].

The Thorley School re-opened in January 1903 with a new schoolmistress[5].

In 1911 the school is referred to as an Elementary School (mixed) with average attendance of 50 children[6].

In 1943 the Director of Education reported that there were only 16 scholars at Thorley Junior School and recommended it closure[7]. By November 1943 the number of scholars had fallen to 9 and the Education Committee agreed that the school should close with the children transferred to Yarmouth and Shalfleet (Ningwood)[8].

On a 1975 map, the building is shown as the Heytesbury Church Hall.

Now (2021) the building is a private residence.

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