Shanklin Gas Works

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The Shanklin Gas works was alongside the railway embankment at the south end of Landguard Manor Road.

Shanklin Gas Works 1908
Shanklin Gas Works - 1908

Coal was transported by rail from Cowes to the Shanklin, Isle of Wight Gas Works. The 1908 map shows a railway siding above the gas works with some means of delivering coal to the works..

In 1932 the company took over the gas undertaking of the Ventnor Gas and Water Company and was renamed the Shanklin and Ventnor Gas Company.

In 1937 the company took over the Sandown Gas & Coke Coke and the company was renamed East Wight Gas Co. Ltd.

The company was nationalised in 1949 and became part of the Southern Area Gas Board.

The works closed in 1957 when a new Gas Works was built at Kingston, East Cowes to supply the whole island.

The gasometer continued to be used at the Shanklin site, to locally store the gas, until the installation of a cross Solent gas main in the 1970's to supply the island with Natural (North Sea) gas.

After closure, the site was used for industrial use for a number of years before being developed with housing and the (2016) Lidl store.