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Bettesworth Road Board Schools

The Bettesworth Road Board School was built by the Ryde School Board in 1877. The schools were built to accommodate 600 children. 220 infants, 180 boys and 200 girls. The architect had been Mr. Harford, of Bristol, Mr. Barton, of Ryde was the contractor.[1]

Ashey Board School
Ashey School and teachers residence
Ashey School and teacher's residence

The Ashey Board School, with teacher's residence, was built by Ryde School Board in 1876 for 75 children to the design of Ryde architect Mr. Francis Newman.

The school and residence are on Ashey Road, between Green Lane and East Ashey Lane; the 1864 OS map shows a building on the site marked 'Asheyrents'.

In 1876 Miss Marion Boyne was appointed mistress of the new school at a salary of £50 a-year, one-fourth of fees and grant, with residence, coal and wood; the fees at Ashey School were fixed at 2d per week[2].

In 1898 the Ashey Board mixed school had an average attendance of 37[3].

In 1911 the school was a mixed Elementary School with average attendance of 40[4].

In 1916, the head teacher resigned and the Isle of Wight County Education Committee decided to close the school as attendance had fallen to 29. The pupils would be divided between Bettesworth Road, Oakfield, Brading and Havenstreet schools, the assistant teacher at Ashey would be transferred to Havenstreet school. With those going to Havenstreet school using the train from Ashey station, only one pupil would have further to walk than attending Ashey school[5].

Today (2021) the school buildings are private residences.

St John's Road Board Schools
St Johns Road Board School, Ryde
St John's Road Board School, Ryde

St John's Road Board Schools, near the junction with the High Street, Ryde, Isle of Wight was established by the Ryde School Board in 1883 at a cost of £4700, and enlarged in 1900.

The site had previously been the Ryde British Schools which were taken over by Ryde School Board in 1871 at the request of the trustees when there were 223 children 'on the books' but an average attendance of only 120[6].

Originally the school built in 1883 had space for 180 boys, 183 girls and 210 infants; the extension in 1900 increased the numbers to 230 boys, 183 girls (unchanged) and 223 infants.

In 1911 the school was known as the St. John's road Elementary School under the Ryde Education Committee (the School Board having been replaced by the Education Committee) - the average attendance in 1911 was 130 boys, 150 girls and 179 infants.[7]

In 1951 the premises were under the Isle of Wight County Council Education Committee as the Ryde County Primary School (junior).

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