Rees Jeffreys Road Fund (The)

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A typical Rees Jeffreys Road Fund plaque

At a number of car view points around the the Island (including the Carisbrooke Priory and Yarmouth east View Points) will be found a plaque or stone with text along the lines of :

"For your enjoyment of this view. W.R.J. 1872-1954. THE REES JEFFERYS ROAD FUND."

The Rees Jeffreys Road Fund is a national charity endowed by the estate of William Rees Jeffreys Hon.MTPI.,C.I.Mech.E to provide support for education and research in transport; and helps fund projects that improve the roadside environment for motorists and other road users.

So, not directly connected to the Island, but we do benefit from its funding.

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