Premier Motor Service (Creeth)

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The Creeth's were a well known island family of blacksmiths, in 1872 Arthur Creeth purchased the Nettlestone blacksmith business of John Tharle.

After a number of years experimenting with steam-powered vehicles, Arthur and his sons built a charabanc body onto a steam-powered chassis which they had purchased and they used it to commence a bus service from Seaview to Ryde via Nettlestone in March 1909. They were based in a garage next to the blacksmith shop at Nettlestone, and a waiting room within a family home.

Several further steam-powered vehicles were acquired in the following years, in 1913 this included the first steam-powered double-decker on the Island.

During WW1, the Creeth's buses were used to transport prisoner working parties to various parts of the Island.

Creeth's were probably operating the last steam-powered bus in the British Isles which they withdrew in September 1922.

Creeth's, trading as Premier Motor Services, continued to operate the Seaview - Nettlestone - Ryde route throughout the 1920's using a variety of petrol-engined vehicles.

Creeth's also supplied charabancs for village outings etc., so can be considered a coach company.

The bus route licence and 6 buses were sold to Southern Vectis Omnibus Company in 1930.

The now 'surplus' garage, allowed the blacksmith workshop to expand.