Southern Vectis Omnibus Company

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The company was founded in 1921 in Cowes as 'Dodson and Campbell' and in 1923 was renamed the 'Vectis Bus Company'.

Southern Railway Company purchase part of the company in 1929 and it was renamed as 'Southern Vectis Omnibus Company Limited' (SVOC). With this connection with Southern Railways, both parties were able to issue tickets which could be used on both means of transportation - this give SVOC an advantage not available to other Island bus companies.

In 1969, Southern Vectis became part of the nationalised National Bus Company.

Following bus deregulation in 1986, the company was acquired by the management in 1987.

In 2005 the Southern Vectis Omnibus Company was acquired by the Go-Ahead Group.

Southern Vectis Omnibus Company is now (2019) based in Newport with their main garage in Nelson Street.

Their garage in Park Road, Ryde was acquired in 2016 by the IW Bus Museum.

They have dedicated bus station in the centre of Newport and on Ryde Esplanade.

They operate under a number of other brands and livery.