Parkhurst Prison Burial Ground

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Parkhurst Prison Burial Ground (1940 map)
Parkhurst Prison Burial Ground
(1940 map)

When convicts died, the body would have been 'offered' to their family or friends; they could then 'claim' the body and make their own arrangements for burial etc., sometimes in local cemeteries.

The prison authorities would make 'pauper' arrangements for unclaimed bodies - there was a small Burial Ground connected with Parkhurst Prison for this purpose, probably dating from the early 1800's (although no records survive.)

By the late 1880's, the prison Burial Ground was becoming full and, as the prison was in the parish of Carisbrooke, convicts were henceforth buried in Carisbrooke Cemetery.

By the 1980's the prison authorities were using the Isle of Wight Crematorium for unclaimed bodies.