Carisbrooke (Mount Joy) Cemetery

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Carisbrooke Cemetery, often referred to as Mount Joy, off the Whitcombe Road, was established in 1858 on land purchased by the Carisbrooke and Gatcombe Burial Board as the old St. Mary's churchyard was becoming full.

In 1974 the cemetery came under Medina Borough Council; in 1995, it was taken over by the Isle of Wight Council following the creation of the IW Unitary Authority.

The location of the cemetery meant that it is the final resting place of many people from the Parkhurst Barracks and Prisons, the County Workhouse and Mental Hospital at Whitecroft.

The Friends of Newport and Carisbrooke Cemeteries was formed in 2017 by volunteers wanting to care for the old burials and record the history of those buried there. Their website includes much useful information including details of burial, often with pictures graves, details of memorial inscriptions and transcriptions of newspaper obituaries etc.

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