Gatcombe Watermill

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Gatcombe Watermill
Gatcombe Watermill (2021)

A watermill at Gatcombe on the Medina river in the Isle of Wight is recorded in the Domesday Book. The Mill is the first one on the River Medina, the next one being Blackwater Mill.

In 1839, the four year old son of Mr. Tull, the miller, was killed after becoming entangled in the moving chain which was used to lift the sacks to the upper storey. The inquest recorded 'Accidental Death.'[1]

Street directories record the occupants of the mill as:

  • 1859 - Tull William T., and miller, - Farmer
  • 1898 - Mearman James, miller (water), & farmer, Gatcombe mill
  • 1911 - Woods Maurice, miller (water), Gatcombe mill
  • 1927 - Wyatt William, miller (water)
Gatcombe Watermill - 1907 map
Gatcombe Watermill - 1907 map

It was recorded as a corn mill, and ceased to operate in the 1960's. The building remains and is used for storage.

  1. Hampshire Independent - 3 August 1839