Blackwater Watermill

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Blackwater Watermill map
Blackwater Watermill (1908 map)

Located off Blackwater Hollow, part of the road between Blackwater and Rookley, the Corn mill was on the River Medina between Gatcombe and Upper Shide watermills. The mill, in the Parish of Arreton, originally formed part of a complex of farm buildings.

Originally the mill was wheel driven, this was later replaced by a turbine and later still was converted to power by electricity; it ceased to work circa 1960.

At one time in the 1980’s, the mill pond was used as a Trout Farm and the mill building used as a private residence; later in the 1980’s the mill building was used as a residential home for the elderly. Over the subsequent years the residential home has been extended; the mill pond and sluices still exist.

Blackwater Mill Pond
Blackwater Mill Pond - looking toward the extended Mill building, now extended