Ford Mill, Whitwell

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Ford Mill Whitwell 1898 map
Ford Watermill, Whitwell - 1898 map

About half a mile north of the watermill at Southford, near Whitwell, Isle of Wight is Ford Farm where a watermill stood on the eastern River Yar; from there the river ran to the Bridgecourt Watermill.

The Ford Mill had an overshot water wheel driving two pairs of stone and had three floors.

In 1867, the Ford Watermill was put to auction (together with Southford Mill and other properties) at that the Bugle Inn, Newport for the creditors of Francis Buckell:

Lot 2. - The overshot Water Corn Mill, known as
situate in the Parish of Whitwell, stone-built, having three floors, and driving two pair of stones, together with the stone-built
and about 2 1/2 acres of capital Meadow Land, a 2-horse stable, and piggery.[1]

Records show occupants over the years as:

  • 1859 Buckell Francis, Ford farm, & miller, South Ford Mill - Farmer[2]
  • 1898 Hourd Frederick Reynolds, miller (water), Southford & Ford mills[3]
  • 1899 Bankruptcy of Frederick Hourd with deficiency of £356,[4]
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