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Large parts of the original Carisbrooke, Isle of Wight Parish are now considered Newport, the below details refer to specific roads/locations mentioned in past documents which are no longer easy to identify. If you can't find something here, have a look at the Newport Street Names.

Carisbrooke Road, Carisbrooke - Newport

Carisbrooke Road runs from the junction of Newport High Street/Castlehold and Pyle Street to Cedar Hill.

At some point at the beginning of the 20th century the house numbering changed, the 1904 Kellys Directory has the numbering from Castlehold/Pyle Street sequentially (with some house names) up the south side to Cedar Hill, then back down the other side to the Baptist Church.

The 1931 Directory has the odd numbers on the South side and even numbers on the North side - both starting at Castlehold/Pyle Street and going to Cedar hill. This latter method exists today (2019), although individual house numbers will have changed due to new builds etc (numbering of Tannery/Lukely Place has been incorporated within the overall road numbering.)

Castle View, Carisbrooke

Castle View was the former name West Street, originally in the Carisbrooke parish, now in Newport.


Furlongs in Carisbrooke was the Victorian name for Clatterford road (not to be confused with 'Furlongs' at Pan, on the east side of Newport.)

Laundry Lane, Carisbrooke

Laundry Lane appears to have originally (19th C) been known as Bedford Row. The 1911 Kelly's directory records 'Newport, Carisbrooke & District Steam Laundry Co. Limited' located in Bedford row (on the site of the previous brewery) which is, no doubt, the origins of 'Laundry Lane.'

Love Lane

Love Lane was the Victorian name for the level part of Nunnery Lane, alongside St. Dominic's Priory, plus the length of Whitcombe Road to the junction with Froglands lane(OS 1906 and earlier).

Lukely Place (or Lukely Terrace)

See Tannery Place below.

Millbrook (Millbrooke) Terrace (Place)

Millbrook (or Millbrooke) Terrace (or Place) (1 to 5), is the old name for the terrace of Victorian houses, now numbered 120 to 128 Carisbrooke Road, to the east of Westmill Cottage.

New Village, Carisbrooke

New Village was an old name for Castle Road. The name was changed by the Newport Corporation's Paving Committee in 1861. However, OS maps after this date showed 'New Village' as an area of housing development roughly to the south of Castle Road and Trafalgar Road.

Pittis's Field, Newport

Pittis's Field - Used in some Victorian references to refer to a development off Trafalgar Road Newport formed by East View, South View and West View.

The 1841 Tithe Maps shows the field to have been owned by a Mr Pittis[1].

The development was in Carisbrooke but now (2017) considered Newport.

Rag Row, Carisbrooke

Rag Row, Carisbrooke, Isle of Wight was a terrace of houses on the north-west side of modern-day Laundry Lane. Some records identified it as Bedford Row. The 1871 census records 15 households; they are not shown on the 1898 OS map. The terrace has been replaced by a terrace of modern houses.

South Mall, Carisbrooke

South Mall, Carisbrooke was the name given to the houses along the mall (raised footway) on the east side of St. John's Road from Medina Avenue (Shide Path) to Cypress Cottage.

Tannery Place, Carisbrooke

Tannery place, Carisbrooke was the original name for the terrace of small cottages on the north side of Carisbrooke Road, to the west of the Wellington Road junction. Built in the 1870's and originally numbered 1 to 18 within the terrace, they are now (2018) numbered 144 to 178 Carisbrooke Road.

At a later date, the terrace was known as Lukely Place (or Lukely Terrace). Originally a tannery stood in, more or less, in the middle of the site, which explains the original name for the terrace.

The 'terrace' can be seen, by the difference brickwork styles, to comprise two parts.

A passageway between numbers 5 and 6 (from the east), gave access to 6 properties behind, known as Lower Tannery/Lukely Place. These appear to have been built about the same time as the terrace, and demolished around WW2.

The engineering works to the west of the terrace was built at the same time as the terrace possibly for Thomas Watts & Sons (1881 census).

Tin Pit Lane, Carisbrooke - Newport

Tin Pit Lane - the Victorian name for Worsley Road, Newport (1866 OS map).

Watergate Lane

The Victorian name for the section of Nunnery Lane, from the eastern end of the flat section alongside St. Dominic's Priory, down the hill to Watergate Road/Marvel Lane (1906 OS map and earlier).

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