Victoria Pier, Ryde

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The Ryde Victoria Pier was to the east of the original and remaining pier and was funded by the Stokes Bay Pier and Railway Company for their planned steamer service between Stokes Bay and the Island.

Construction was completed in 1864, it had been planned to be the same length as the existing pier but due to the lack of agreement between the pier companies and Ryde Town Commissioners, it was only built to a length of 970 foot so was not suitable for steamers at low tide.

The pier was never a financial success and Ryde Pier Company took it over in 1865.

The pier continued to be used and facilities added; a free bathing stage was added near the shore and, at the pier head, so were public baths. These were popular although they had fallen into disuse by the end of the century and were demolished.

In 1914, Ryde Borough Council purchased the pier so that they could gain the right of way on Quay Road. The Council then demolished the pier and all evidence of its existence had gone by the early 1920's.