Springfield Court, Springvale

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Original 19th C Springfield Court when used as Baptist Holiday Centre
19th Century Springfield Court

Originally an early 19th Century county house, early maps refer to it as Springfield House.

1896 map showing extent of Springfield House estate
1896 map showing Springfield House

At one time (1952, possibly earlier, to about 1977) Springfield Court was a Baptist Holiday Fellowship guesthouse.

In the late 1970’s it reopened under new ownership as the ‘Long Acres County Hotel’. In 1981 it was subject to receivership and sold.

In 1983, while being refurbished, the house suffered a number of fires which led to it being demolished.

Modern replacement Springfield Count in Georgian style.
21st Century Springfield Court

In early 2000's, a development in the Georgian style of luxury apartments was build on the site - looking nothing like the original 19th century house.