Sandown Street Names

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Street names in Sandown, Isle of Wight which have changed over the years.

Bridger Street, Sandown (1898 OS map) - the part of St. John's Road, between Leeds Street and High Street, shown as part of St. John's Road on 1909 map.

Broad Lane, Sandown (1862 map) - The Broadway, Sandown.

Pell Street, Sandown (1898 OS map) - part of Station Avenue between the Broadway and Pellmont Road (later St. John's Road).

Pellmont Road, Sandown, (1898 OS map) - part of St. John's Road, north from Leeds Street towards what is now Grove Road. The 1898 OS map doesn't name 'Grove Road' or show it extending that far; Pellmont Road just ends 'in a field'. The 1909 map shows Pellmont Road as part of St. John's Road and extending to Carter Street opposite St. John's Church.

Winchester Road, Sandown (1898 OS map) - Winchester Park Road, Sandown (1909 OS map).