Isle of Wight County Council - 1890-1995

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The Local Government Act of 1888 introduced County Councils into England and Wales with the Isle of Wight part of Hampshire County Council. In 1890 the Isle of Wight was granted its own County status, and the Isle of Wight County Council was established.

To begin with the Isle of Wight County Council occupied premises at 20 Holyrood Street, Newport, later they moved into the Swan Hotel and neighbouring properties in Newport High Street.

In the 1930's, the Swan Hotel and the neighbouring properties were demolished and the purpose built County Hall was erected.

In the 1960's, the council acquired, and demolished the properties east of the County Hall to Sea Street, and County Hall was extended. At some later point the council acquired, and demolished, the remaining houses on Sea Street behind County Hall and the warehouses opposite facing the River Medina. For a period, the Council's Planning Department occupied a temporary building where the warehouses had been.

In 1995 a Unitary Authority, the Isle of Wight Council, was formed to combine the responsibilities of the Isle of Wight County Council and the two Borough councils.