Guildhall, Newport

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Guildhall Newport by Brannon
Brannon Engraving of Guildhall - pre 1887

The Guildhall in Newport High Street is a Grade II* listed building designed by John Nash in 1819 for Newport Corporation.

The building housed the council chamber and offices, law courts, a market, and fire house.

In 1887 a clock tower was added to the building paid for by Public Subscription in celebration of Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee. Unfortunately, the funds so raised were not sufficient and Sir Francis Pittis made up the deficit.

Newport Guildhall with clock tower
Newport Guildhall 2020

Over the years the functions housed in the Guildhall moved out; the Fire House moved to South Street, and the Courts to purpose built premises at the other end of Quay Street.

Today (2021) the building is largely empty; on the ground floor is the Museum of Island History and there are some offices, including those of the Newport and Carisbrooke Community Council on the upper floors.