Eider (SS), shipwreck

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The SS Eider, a German four masted, two funnelled steamer, was en-route from New York to Bremen with 227 passengers and 167 crew when she ran aground in dense fog on Atherfield Ledge on the night of 31 January 1892.

The Atherfield lifeboat was launched and drew along side but her assistance was declined as the captain thought that the Eider would refloat on the tide, so the lifeboat returned to shore.

On the following morning, the Eider was still stuck fast so the Atherfield boat again went out to it. Again assistance was declined although some mail was transported to shore.

Tugs arrived but failed to pull the Eider off the ledge.

The Brook and Brighstone lifeboats were called to assist and all three lifeboats worked to transport the passengers, crew and some valuable cargo ashore - this took 4 days and no lives were lost.

After many weeks of salvage, the SS Eider was finally pulled off the ledge at the end of March and towed to Southampton.