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Wightpedia was started in 2016 as a place to record ‘snippets’ of historical/local Isle of Wight interest – the logic being that once something is researched and known about, having it appropriately recorded and indexed, generally under place and topic, will make it readily available to help others in future. Over the years Wightpedia has grown with inputs from various people being included.

It is now time (June 2021) to open Wightpedia so that people can contribute directly on the website.

Like Wikipedia it will be a collaborative effort to build a database of items of island historical/ local interest.

To contribute you will need to create an account[1] (top right) – initially you will be limited to editing existing pages and these edits will be subject to moderation (ie they won’t be published until they’ve been reviewed); after a minimum time and minimum number of approved edits (5 days AND 5 edits); the account will be upgraded to grant additional facilities – including the ability to create new pages and upload images without moderation.

Guidelines for contributing are simple, just remember:

  • Wightpedia is not a place to advertise, sell something,  or post announcements/insults etc, there are various Facebook groups etc which fulfil these needs.[2]
  • Do not enter any personal or contact details for any business or living person, other than, possibly, websites.
  • Please respect copyright, do not 'copy and paste material' from other websites, books or other sources.
  • Once images (gif, jpg, jpeg, ogg and png) can be uploaded (ie after 5 days, and 5 edits), the preferred maximum width dimension is 1000px, although please set the width within Wightpedia to 300 or 400px – clicking on an image on a Wightpedia page will show the larger version.
  • Before creating new pages, please double/triple check that the topic isn’t already included, possibly under a different title.
  • To give contributions gravitas, please quote the sources you’ve used for the information where possible and/or give sources for further information.
  • Don’t worry about where your contribution will fit in the index etc.; all contributions will be reviewed and the necessary links added.
  • Please always 'Review' edits etc. before saving them - this will avoid you having to re-edit a change you've just made if you find a typo or grammatical error in it.

There are two options for editing a page when logged-in;

Edit options

Edit’ (the Visual Editor) and ‘Edit Source’ (a source level Editor) – before using either, it would be worthwhile to have a look at the appropriate users guides.

  1. An e-mail is not required to create an account, however if one is not given then we cannot help if you forget your password. If you enter an e-mail, we won't use or distribute it for any other reason.
  2. Having said not to advertise businesses etc., if a business or regular event etc. has a significant history, or is housed in a historic building, feel free to post the historical information and add a link to the website of the business/regular event etc.