Carisbrooke Watermill

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Carisbrooke Mill - 1864 map
Carisbrooke Mill - 1864 map

Carisbrooke Mill, Isle of Wight, stands on the Lukely Brook (otherwise the Carisbrooke Stream) before it passes through Carisbrooke village. A mill has been on this site since medieval times.

The mill was put to auction in 1847:

All that valuable WATER CORN MILL, called “Carisbrooke Mill,” situate at Carisbrooke, within one mile of the town of Newport; with an excellent Dwelling-house, Malt-house, Cottage, Stables, and large Gardens attached; together with a Spre Bed, and two enclosures of excellent Meadow Land, all in the occupation of Mr. John Bull.

A portion of the Land is Freehold, and the remainder of the Property is Leasehold, for long Terms of years.[1]

In 1852 the mill was owned by Mr. Abraham Clarke who was declared bankrupt and his Trustees put the mill to auction together with many of his other properties:

A Freehold Water Corn Mill, known as


Driving three pairs of stones, with Dwelling-house, Store, Stabling, and Mill Pond, situate in the village of Carisbrooke, and now in the occupation of Mr. Robert Way. [2]

In 1855 the mill again went to auction:

To be sold by Auction:

All that valuable WATER CORN MILL AND PREMISES, known as ‘Carisbrooke Mill’ situate at Carisbrooke, in the Isle of Wight, now in occupation of Mr. Benjamin Arnell, at a rental of £150 a year.

This Property comprises Dwellinghouse and Mill adjoining, with large gardens, malthouse, stables, piggeries, several cottages and garden grounds, and two pieces of fine meadow land.[3]

Occupants of Carisbrooke Mill included:

  • 1847 John Bull[1]
  • 1852 Robert Way[2]
  • 1855 Mr. Benjamin Arnell[3]
  • 1859 Way Robert, Carisbrooke - Corn miller[4]
  • 1898 & 1911 Long John Thomas, miller (water)[5]
  • 1927 Kent William, water miller[6]
  • 1935 & 1951 Kent William John, smallholder[7]

In more recent times, various plans to develop the site as a tourist attraction and housing.

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