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remains of lifeboat boathouse, Brook, Isle of Wight
remains of lifeboat boathouse,
Brook (2023)

A lifeboat funded by the government is recorded as being in place at Brook in 1851, however it was only in 1860 that the RNLI built a boathouse and supplied a 30ft Peake lifeboat, "The Dauntless". As with the Brighstone station, there was a track-way down to the beach and horses from a local farm would be used to move the lifeboat on its carriage from the boathouse to the beach. The doors of the boathouse face inland, presumably so that they could still be opened in strong, on-shore gales.

"The Dauntless" was replaced by "The George and Anne" in July 1867, during the 20 years she was on station, "The George and Anne" saved 84 lives.

In February 1888 a new lifeboat, "The William Slaney Lewis", was placed on station. She was built by Hansens of Cowes at a cost of £750 which was met by a bequest of Mr. William Slaney Lewis of Wellington, Salop.[1]

It wasn't long before the new lifeboat was in action as in March 1888 she was called upon to help with the wreak of the 'Sirenia'. Sadly the Coxswain and 2nd Coxswain lost their lives when "The William Slaney Lewis" was washed back onto the beach while attempting to launch.

"The Susan Ashley" lifeboat replaced "The William Slaney Lewis" in 1907 and continued until the station closed in 1937 after having saved 268 lives; "The Susan Ashley" was sold to a resident of Poole[2].

In 1933 the last launch of a lifeboat using horses to pull the carriage was recorded at Brook by [British Pathe News].

The Service Boards for the Brook Lifeboats are in St Mary's Church, Brook.

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