Brading Congregational Church and Burial Ground

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Brading Isle of Wight Congregational/United Reforned Church
Brading Congregational/United Reformed Church

An Independent Chapel existed in Brading in 1846 when a meeting was held there to discuss the establishment of Day Schools on the religious principles of the British and Foreign School Society[1]; this led to the establishment of the British Schools next to the later Congregational Church.

A new Congregational Church (sometimes referred to as the Independent Chapel) on the Mall, Brading, was established in 1848 to accommodate 196 worshippers[2].

The burial ground behind the church includes burials from 1847 to 1974

Brading Congregational Church Isle of Wight
Brading Congregational Chapel and Burial Ground - 1897

The church became a United Reformed Chapel in 1972 and closed 31 March1989[3] due to decreasing congregations; it is now a private residence.

The Burial Ground can be accessed down the track by the side of the Chapel and also by steps up from New Road.

Brading Congregational Burial Ground Isle of Wight 2023
Brading Congregational Burial Ground - 2023
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