Apse Heath Methodist Chapel

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Methodist Chapel, Apse Heath
Methodist Chapel, Apse Heath

The original Wesleyan Chapel (the left hand building) at Apse Heath was established in 1875. A new, larger chapel was built alongside the original building in 1902. The foundation stone on the front of the new building records that it was laid by Richard Everard Baron Alverstone, G.C.M.G., Lord Chief Justice of England on 29 October 1902 - however, in his unavoidable absence, his daughter-in-law, the Hon Mrs. Arthur Webster actually laid the stone[1].

The land had been given by Lord Alverstone, the plans had been drawn by Mr. S. E. Tomkins and the building erected by Mr. H. Taylor, 'one of the pillars of Apse-heath Methodism.'[1]

The new chapel was opened in April 1903[2], the old chapel became a Sunday School.

The chapels closed in 2013 and have been converted to residential use.

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