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Wyndham Cottle Home of Rest for Animals - Ningwood

Dr (Ernest) Wyndham Cottle inherited Ningwood Manor House from his uncle, Thomas Cottle, previously a vicar of Shalfleet, in 1895.

On Wyndham's death in 1919, he made several bequests to the local community - one being the Wyndham Cottle Home of Rest for Animals at Ningwood.

The Wyndham Cottle Home of Rest for Animals was administrated by the RSPCA and appears to have been mainly for retired equines. It moved to Buckinghamshire, just outside Milton Keynes in 1977.

From the RSPCA Trustee Reports of 2008 & 2009, it appears that the work has been transferred to the RSPCA's Gonsal Farm near Shrewsbury and income from the fund is now used to support equines there.

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