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St Helens Common

View from memorial stone seat
View from memorial stone seat

St Helens Common is an area of common and woodland on the south side of Duver Road at St Helens. A footpath descends the slope from Duver Road through the woodland to the Duver, but apart from that, there is no public access.

The common and woodland were gifted to the National Trust in 1925, a memorial stone halfway down the footpath reads: ‘This common and woodland were presented in 1925 and 1928 to the National Trust by Professor and Mrs E.B. Poulton in memory of their children Hilda and Ronald and Janet who spent many happy hours at St Helens.'
Poulton memorial stone
Poulton memorial stone and seat

Hilda married Dr Ernest Ainsley-Walker and died in 1917, Ronald played international rugby for England and was killed in WWI, May 1915, Janet married Charles Symonds in 1915 and died in 1919.

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