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Shanklin Brewery

Shanklin Brewery advert 1898
Shanklin Brewery advert 1898

Shanklin Brewery was established 1838, 1889 adverts (IW Times) show the proprietor as William O. Taylor.

Shanklin Brewery purchased the Clarendon Hotel in 1887 for £1,000.
Shanklin Brewery location 1880
Shanklin Brewery location 1880

Harry Taylor died November 1901 and the brewery together with the Clarendon Hotel, Shanklin and the Royal Sovereign Inn, Castle Street, Ryde were put up for sale by Public Auction 17 December 1901. The brewery was advertised (IWCP, 14 Dec 1901) as being situated with frontages to Rectory Road (156ft) and Pomona Road (103ft). All the property was purchased by Mr. Saunders of Coppins Brewery Newport.

The Coppins Brewery became bankrupt in 1912 and the assets were acquired by H. Hoare & Son.

By 1946 it was trading as Shanklin Brewery, Ltd., with directors H. Terry Wood and Ernest L. Wood.

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