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Ryde Gas Workshop, Rink Road

Ryde Gas Workshop
Ryde Gas Workshop

Originally part of Ryde Gas Works of Ryde Gas and Coke Company, this workshop building in Rink Road was built circa 1860-70.

In 1866 it was incorporated as The Ryde Gas Light Company.

At the start of 1923, the Brading Harbour and District Company merged with the Ryde Gas-light Company.

The company was nationalised in 1949 and became part of the Southern Gas Board.

The works closed in 1957 when a new Gas Works was built at Kingston, East Cowes to supply the whole island.

The gasometer continued to be used at the Ryde site, to locally store the gas, until the installation of a cross Solent gas main in the 1970's to supply the island with Natural (North Sea) gas.

Now (2018) used by Scottish & Southern Electricity Co.

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