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Pittis/ Widows Rest Almshouses, Newport

About 1860, Mrs. Mary Pittis (wife of Richard Pittis) had "The Widows' Home" built, a block of six almshouses near Pan Bridge. (From her obituary, Hampshire Advertiser, 9 January 1869.)

Later, Ada Maria Pittis (the grandaughter of Mary Pittis), took an interest in the homes. The endowment left for their upkeep was for many years insufficient, however, Miss Ada Pittis ensured they were kept in good repair. (From her obituary, Isle of Wight County Press, 18 May 1946)

From 19th century census returns and later street directories, the Pittis Almshouses were located east of the Shoulder of Mutton Public House in East Street (on the corner with South Street) going towards Pyle Street.

The 1881 census shows six dwelling referred to as the 'Pittis Alms Houses'. A 1931 Street Directory refers to them as the 'Widows Rest Almshouses'.

They have long since been demolished.

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