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IW County Mental Asylum/Hospital, Whitecroft

The Isle of Wight County Lunatic Asylum at Whitecroft was opened in 1896 following the separation of the Isle of Wight from the county of Hampshire. Whilst the island had been part of Hampshire, mental patients were housed in the County Asylum at Knowle, Fareham - once the island became a separate county, the island would have had to pay for those patients at Knowle, so it was decided to built the 300 bed IW County Asylum at Whitecroft. Incidentally, the bricks used to build the hospital were made on-site.

The Hospital included a wing for private patients.

After the Asylum at Whitecroft was opened, the island patients at Knowle were transferred back to the island. It was found that the number of island patients did not fill the accommodation and so patients from other countys were accepted

The hospital was closed to inpatients in 1990 with the patients transferred to Newcroft, and then later to Sevenacres (on the edge of the St. Mary's hospital site, Newport).

It finally closed in 1992 and the site was sold off and has been redeveloped as housing and re-name 'Gatcombe Manor.'

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