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Grand Pavilion Theatre/Gaiety Amusement, Ventnor

Gaiety Amusement Arcade
Gaiety Amusement Arcade (2009)

The Grand Pavilion was built on Ventnor Esplanade in 1896 as a theatre venue for seaside entertainment, skating and dances etc.. The building was rather grand with a large domed roof covered with fish scale like tiles. The dome was removed in the 1980's and the building was so modified over the years that the original building was hidden.

Kelly's street directories give the history of the Grand Pavilion over the years as:
1898 & 1911 Pavilion Club & Reading Room
1931 Summer Theatre (possibly the name 'Pavilion' dropped to avoid confusion with the pavilion on the pier ?)
1937/8 Casino (unnamed)
1951 Gaiety Amusement Arcade
2015'ish - closed, waiting redevelopment.

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