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Gould, Hibberd & Randall Ltd, Newport

Gould hibberd and randall logo
Gould Hibberd and Randall logo

The soft drinks manufacturer Gould, Hibberd & Randall Ltd was formed by the amalgamation in the 1920's of three island independent manufacturers, John Gould & Company of Newport, Charles Hibberd & Co of Ventnor and Randall & Co of Ryde.

The main manufacturing was carried out a building next to St Thomas' Church in Newport - originally the John Gould & Co factory. In 1931, the company moved to new premises on the corner of Church Litten and Medina Avenue.

The original logo used by John Gould & Co. of the Carisbrooke Castle donkey in the tread mill, continued to be used by the combined company and the original terracotta brick logo produced by Henry Pritchett was moved from the St Thomas' property to the Church Litten premises and is now incorporated in the Marks and Spencers store.

Gould Hibberd and Randall produced a wide range of soft drinks, squashes and cordials, including the unique Kixse Wight Spice - including at christmases, Kixse Raisin Wine (non-alcoholic). These were distributed to retailers across the island by their own lorries.

The company was acquired by Beecham Products in 1966.

Following the redevelopment of the east side of Church Litten in the 1980's, the company moved for a short period to a unit on the Riverside Industrial Estate - the site on Church Litten was first occupied by Jewson's Builders Merchants (during their first move to the island, when they left, their building was dismantled and relocated to the IW College) and then by Marks & Spencers.

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