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Fernhill house engraving
Fernhill house engraving

Fernhill, stood on the west side of Wootton millpond, commanding a fine view across the pond.

The house was built at the end of the 18th century for the Right Hon. Thomas Orde-Powlett who, in 1797, was created Lord Bolton and was Governor of the Isle of Wight between 1791 to 1807.

1863 Fernhill map
1863 Fernhill map

The house was destroyed by fire in June 1938. For some half century, the house had been the home of the Brodie family. Following the death of Major C. G. Brodie in 1934, his widow moved to Bridge House, Wootton and the house was being developed by new owners.

The fire started in mid afternoon when sparks from a bonfire made by workmen clearing the grounds, ignited the roof. Although the Newport Fire Brigade was summoned and attended speedily, they had problems with tackling the fire due to lack of water. Within half an hour, despite the efforts of the firemen and workmen, it became obvious that the main building was doomed. (IWCP 11 June 1938).

Entrance to Fernhill Ice House
Entrance to Fernhill Ice House

The only remaining evidence of of the old house is the ice house, situated by the side of a footpath at the lower end of the estate.

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