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Carisbrooke Road, Carisbrooke/Newport

Carisbrooke Road runs from the junction of Newport High Street/Castlehold and Pyle Street to Cedar Hill.

At some point at the beginning of the 20th century the house numbering changed, the 1904 Kellys Directory has the numbering from Castlehold/Pyle Street sequentially (with some house names) up the south side to Cedar Hill, then back down the other side to the Baptist Church.

The 1931 Directory has the odd numbers on the South side and even numbers on the North side - both starting at Castlehold/Pyle Street and going to Cedar hill. This latter method exists today (2019), although individual house numbers will have changed due to new builds etc (numbering of Tannery/Lukely Place has been incorporated within the overall road numbering.)

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(By : last updated - 11 May 2019)

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