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Bonchurch Grotto (Capt. Mark Huish)

Bonchurch Village Road grotto
Bonchurch Village Road grotto

Located on the north side of Bonchurch Village Road, just to the east of the pond is a grotto built into the wall. Commissioned in 1868 by the widow of Captain Mark Huish (1808 - 1867) in his memory.
Bonchurch grotto plaque
Bonchurch grotto plaque

This memorial was refurbished by Ventnor Town Council in 1985
From the plaque, Captain Huish retired to Bonchurch following a career in the Indian Army and then involved with railway construction. In his retirement he built several houses in Mitchell Avenue Ventnor. He also started the local geological collection.
Inside Bonchurch Village Road grotto
Inside Bonchurch Village Road grotto

Above the water trough within the grotto, a more modern, circular plaque has been added with the inscription:

9-8-22 - 18-11-2000

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