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Ryde Street Names

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Brunswick Place or Street Ryde

On a 1866 map shown as Brunswick Place and on a 1909 map as Brunswick Street, post WW1 Station Road and so it remains today.

Probably changed during WW1 to remove the German connection.

Cemetery Street, Ryde (1866/1897)

Cemetery Street is shown on the 1866 and 1897 OS maps for today's Milligan Road. As Ryde Cemetery only opened in 1842, it can only have been know as Cemetery Street from that date.

Church Street, Swanmore, Ryde

Church Street, Swanmore is shown on OS maps from 1862 to 1946 for today's St Michael's Avenue.

Clay Lane/Rope Walk, Ryde

Pier Street, Ryde

Queens Road, Ryde

Riboleau Street

Named after Vice-Admiral Peter Ribouleau (1768-1847) who had his county house there (St John's Lodge - demolished early 1900's).

Union Street, Ryde

Although Union Street does join Upper and Lower Ryde, it was actully named after the 1804 Act of Union.

West Street, Ryde

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