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Carisbrooke Street Names

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Carisbrooke Road, Carisbrooke/Newport

Laundry Lane, Carisbrooke


Millbrook (or Millbrooke) Terrace (or Place) (1 to 5), is the old name for the terrace of Victorian houses, now numbered 120 to 128 Carisbrooke Road, to the east of Westmill Cottage.

Pittis's Field, Newport

Rag Row, Carisbrooke

South Mall, Carisbrooke

South Mall, Carisbrooke was the name given to the houses along the mall (raised footway) on the east side of St. John's Road from Medina Avenue (Shide Path) to Cypress Cottage.

Tannery Place, Carisbrooke (aka Lukely Place/ Lukely Terrace)

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